Creating a dynamic company culture with a team building sauna and cold plunge event.  

Building Resiliency in the Workplace Enhances Health and Wellbeing.

Wellness. It’s the million-dollar word these days. To stay viable in such a health-conscious climate, companies of all shapes and sizes are employing workplace wellness programs and initiatives. And it’s truly a win-win situation. .

We all experience stress in our daily lives. From raising families and managing finances to juggling schedules and caring for loved ones. And that's all before we set foot into the office in the morning.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. The rising levels of stress in the workplace should be a cause for concern, as stress can lead to decreased productivity, higher staff turnover, increased health costs and employee burnout.

The long-term health consequences of stress for employees can include increased risk of depression, heart attack and stroke, obesity, depressed immunity, gastrointestinal problems, and longer recovery from illness. Unfortunately, the pace and intensity of modern life and work are not likely to change. So it's more important than ever to learn how to be more resilient and foster an environment of resilience for our employees.

Why sauna meetings are so important

There is a strong social aspect that comes with the Finnish sauna, which is why people prefer to take their sauna breaks with friends or family rather than on their own. Serious topics are avoided, yet the relaxed atmosphere allows for new idea generation or conversations about personal matters.

Hierarchies are essentially dissolved, so all are free to speak as equals. There is less need for lower ranking employees to feel nervous about making their contribution, or for higher-ups to dominate discussions. The only leadership position is deciding who gets to pour water over the coals.

Uforia Saunas, is introducing a unique idea for your company wellness program. A revolutionary new way to deliver mental health care. One that will help your company cut medical cost, reduce employee burnout, reduce sick days, reduce costs for disease management, improved productivity, better performance due to improved sleep, employees are more focused, improved team engagements and positively impacting one another. Your employees will become better problem solvers inside and outside your company. They will be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Implementing sauna as a new way of strengthening your business culture and wellness, will help both you and your employee’s

  • Become more resilient to everyday challenges

  • Improve mental health disorders

  • Reduce and or eliminate depression

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Improved sleep

  • Expanding life expectancy

What is Individual Resilience? And why is it important for this nation’s post Covid recovery?

Resilient Individuals Are Able To:

  • Care for themselves and others day-to-day and during emergency situations.

  • Actively support their neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities to recover after disaster.

  • Be confident and hopeful about overcoming present and future difficulties.

  • Get needed resources more effectively and quickly.

  • Be physically and mentally healthier and have overall lower recovery expenses and service needs.

  • Miss fewer days of work.

  • Maintain stable family and social connections.

  • Re-establish routines more quickly, which helps children and adults alike.

Strengthening company culture

Cultivating Community

Another coping mechanism that can be used during contrast therapy – and then extrapolated to everyday challenges – is teamwork. At Uforia, one of our main principles is fostering community. Sometimes this involves simply doing fun things together like going out on the water for a SUP paddle or sharing a meal. But at other times, it’s good to come together to do hard things with like-minded individuals. In doing so, everyone will push each other to go further than they could alone.

First-timers want to immediately jump out of the ice bath and struggle through their first exposure. Back in the sauna they bond over this challenge, gain courage from others’ success, and come back to brave the cold again. Most people tremendously outperform their previously imagined capabilities and the combination of multiple rounds followed by close quarters sauna discussions afterwards forges a unique bond and team mentality.

How to Motivate People, Transform Business, and Be a True Leader | Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek achieved international fame with the TED Talk “How great leaders inspire action” and his first book “Start With Why.” Now he is expanding his discussion of leadership and delving into the question of what has gone so wrong for businesses and their leaders.

Sauna also plays a huge role in strengthening Company Culture. Contact us to learn how we can help build sauna into your company growth infinite mindset.

Why This Nation Has Business Meetings in Saunas

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