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We’re changing how we address wellness - reduce stress and socialize    

Our services are available for private rental - public rentals - corporate and business wellness - large sporting events -music festivals

Uforia offers practices that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone while activating many healing mechanisms throughout your system, also know as Intentional positive stress practices, such as sauna (positive heat exposure) and cold water immersion.  Such practices have the proven ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve hormone function, encourage weight loss, enhance a growth mindset, and improve overall health and well-being.

We’ve also incorporated practices that piggyback the effects sauna and cold exposer provide, these practices are also away of easing into the heat and cold, they are awareness of breath and introduction daily breathing practices and witness meditation, creating a journey within.

We’re now hold workshops throughout the Valley - Finding Peace - Emotional Wellbeing with Sauna, Cold Plunge and Breathing, follow us on Eventbrite to be sure not to miss one of our group events!


Private Sauna & Plunge Overnight Rentals

Sauna and cold plunge are practices that are fun when done as a group, making Uforia a great addition for any gathering!

End of summer rates:

weekdays, all day only $285 a day -             $385 a day on weekends.          

What’s included in your 8 hour rental? The first 12 miles are free, $3.00 a mile plus tolls there after. 8 hr rental - drop off is 10am and same day pick up at 6pm. Additional host fee required for 12 guest or more.

  • Up to 10 adults

  • 4 lounge chairs

  • Insurance

  • Plenty of wood

  • Instructions on how to safely start and maintain a fire

  • Delivery of a clean sterile sauna and plunge tub

We’re now offering overnight rentals. Drop off is 5pm and pick up is 1pm the following day. Each night is an additional $100

Uforia Mobile Saunas,

is introducing an ancient Finnish tradition with a modern twist, we’re bringing the wood-fired experience to you. The hot and cold technique was originated by the Nordic Culture. It typically consists of 10-20 minute hot sauna followed by a cold water exposure (shower, lake plunge, cold bath, or simply relaxing in the fresh air), rehydrate, rest, and then repeating the cycle again, typically 3 rounds.

Uforia mobile sauna an cold plunge

Upcoming Events!

Be on the lookout, you’ll find us at some of the popular larger venues this summer!

Sauna for runners

What people are saying

Katie Friel, Owner of Twin Ponds Holistic Health
"Carol's mobile sauna has been amazing upgrade to the events at my wellness center. She is professional, kind, and just so much fun! Her sauna is beautiful and pristine. "

Teresa M
“Had my first mobile sauna experience today and can not wait for my next one! Nice and clean and hot! Felt so good to heat up then go out in the cold then heat up again!  Just what my body needed!”

“Amazing! Thank you so much. We loved it 🙏”

“This right here is taking it to the next level!”

Uforia sauna and cold plunge Allentown, pa

Uforia is taking social wellness to the next level. It may be a new concept to us here in the Valley, but has been a respected fun communal experience amongst many cultures around the world for centuries.

The use of contrast therapy is found in cultures across the world, from the traditional onsens in Japan, to plunge pools and saunas in Scandinavia, to the sweat lodges of Native American tribes. The reason that having a hot and cold practice has perpetuated across country and continent lines and for centuries is simple: it works!

Contact us today so we can join your event!

Check out our private rentals and public sessions specials here!

Sauna rental Whitehall, pa

Here are some sauna rental ideas

  • B2B public sauna pop ups

  • Private sauna rentals

  • Public sauna rentals

  • Team building

  • Workplace wellness

  • Family gatherings

  • Pre and post athletic events

  • Vacation add-ons

  • Pre-Wedding party exhale

  • Bro’s & Girls night out

  • Powerful team building tool

  • Resort and festival attraction

  • Fitness and wellness center partnerships

Uforia Mobile Saunas

Changing how we socialize, improve our health, and reduce stress

Sauna rentals for improved health
Cold plunge Allentown, pa
Uforia mobile sauna and cold plunge Allentown, pa

Cultivating Community

Another coping mechanism that can be used during contrast therapy – and then extrapolated to everyday challenges – is teamwork. At Uforia, one of our main principles is fostering community. Sometimes this involves simply doing fun things together like sharing a meal or a cocktail. But at other times, it’s good to come together to do hard things with like-minded individuals. In doing so, everyone will push each other to go further than they could alone. Note: please leave who you believe  yourself to be at the door, it’s not worth squat in a sauna. In sauna all men are created equal.

First-timers want to immediately jump out of the hot sauna or ice bath, and struggle through their first exposure. Back in the sauna they bond over this challenge, gain courage from others’ success, and come back to brave the heat again. Most people tremendously outperform their previously imagined capabilities and the combination of multiple rounds followed by close quarters sauna discussions afterwards forges a unique bond and team mentality.

Fall Family Sauna Parties

The fun began when they stepped into uncertainty with curiosity!

What is Contrast Therapy?

What is contrast therapy? Is the combination of exposure to both heat and cold to illicit certain physiological responses at different times and for varying purposes.

The use of contrast therapy is found in cultures across the world, from the traditional onsens in Japan, to plunge pools and saunas in Scandinavia, to the sweat lodges of Native American tribes. The reason that having a hot and cold practice has perpetuated across country and continent lines and for centuries is simple: it works!

Did you know that by using the Sauna 4+ days a week

  • You can reduce your risk of age related impairments, including cardio vascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and metabolic disfunction.

  • Repeated sauna promotes heat tolerance. As you experience high temperatures during sauna (roughly 174 degrees), there’s an increase in plasma volume which provides a reserve source in fluid for sweating, cools the body to prevent rapid increase in core body temp, and promotes heat tolerance to outside summer temperatures. This sweating also facilitates higher excretions of some toxic heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, and lead.

  • Studies also show that sauna use 4+ days a week can reduce all cause mortality by 45%!

  • Studies also show sauna can lower your odds of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s by 65%, as well as a reduction of developing a psychotic disorder by 77%.

  • Sauna mimics moderate intensity aerobic exercise, not only giving you all the same health benefits of exercise without having to run on the treadmill, but also helps individuals who are unable to exercise normally because of some sort of restriction, to still experience and achieve improved overall health.

Check out the science here from the Sauna Research Institute

Is the sauna safe for everyone?

Please consult your doctor before using the sauna and/or ice baths—especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and require waiver sign-off from their parent/guardian before using the sauna. Infants and toddlers should not use the sauna, even with parental supervision. Women who are pregnant or on their moon should not use the sauna or ice baths.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website is to provide general guidance, information, ideas, and useful tips. We do not provide professional advice and this website should not be relied upon as such a source. Please always consult a doctor before using a sauna to determine if sauna bathing/cold bath/and/or associated activities are appropriate and safe for you.

Uforia Mobile Saunas is a proud member of Sauna Share

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

   Business Owners Trade Alliance

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Email us at cj@mobilesaunarentals.com


Public sauna rentals at 5638 N Coplay Rd Whitehall

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