Holistic Health Wellness and Spiritual Guidance

Let me help navigate you into a peaceful healthier being

Learn to quiet the mind, this is the first step.

I’ll show you simple hacks that produce lasting change, which will help you get off the hamster wheel and moving in a free flowing life filled with peace and joy! Once the mind is quiet now you have the opportunity to create new stories and to leave your false beliefs behind. Release emotions that have been keeping you from being the best version of yourself! Learn to master emotional intelligence by confronting your triggers.

You are more that just a body, I’ll prove it!

Once you understand that you are more energy than flesh everything starts to come together. I will teach you how to tune into this subtle energy field that you are, showing you how to remove stagnant energy that is holding you back and creating unnecessary mental and physical pain. Together we’ll work on giving your energy body what it needs to create balance and activate its natural healing mechanisms.

Mindset Mentoring-Emotional Intelligence

Learn to rise above the chaos. Turning the other cheek may seem difficult at times, I’ll show you quick ways of excepting that everyone’s opinion is their perception, and that’s all that it is. Once you understand and except this life will be less painful to get through, and you’ll actually learn to respect others opinions and gain more compassion for everyone you cross paths with, this encourages them to respect your opinion as well. You’ll learn to breath through conversations that would normally trigger you.

Learn to feel love and happiness

If you are like many others out there, you maybe wondering how it might feel to feel love or happiness? I can tell you that the empty feeling when you try and feel love is probably the worst feeling ever. Together we can seek out the hidden blocks you’ve propped around your heart wall, and start to dismantle them one by one, leaving you in tears filled with love and joy! I can show you how to recognize the feeling of love and embody this feeling. Once you start incorporating this feeling your entire reality shifts into a place of loving stories all around you. Once you learn to love yourself unconditionally, then the love you deserve finds you.

Create your reality with ease.

Now that we’ve made some space and your mind is operating with clarity lets activate your internal magnetic capabilities. These tool should be taught in grade school. It’s our birthright to attract whatever it is our hearts desire. With practice you will be able to attract more customers or your ideal clients. Get that dream job or career you always wanted. Maybe it’s your life purpose you’re seeking? Improve your health or a love ones with ease. Start traveling to destinations that are stored on your bucket list now! Once you’ve learned and mastered this simple tool there’s no going back to “it is what it is!”

What is breathwork?

Breathwork encompasses various techniques that incorporate intentional use of the breath. Basically, you can learn to regulate the flow of breath to balance the body and mind.

We study the effects today – but the power of breathing has long been revered in many cultures. Practices range from simple deep breathing to more advanced methods.

Breathwork is an all-natural, at-your-fingertips way to enhance your wellbeing!

How does it work?

When we breathe consciously, the mind slows down and hones into the present moment. That causes a sense of relief, allowing us to go back to our day-to-day activities feeling clear and focused.

Even the smallest break can go a long way in boosting concentration and calmness. Breathwork gives new meaning to the term: “Take a Breather!”

Nutritional Balancing

What is Nutritional Balancing?

Nutritional Balancing, simply stated is an advanced dietary, supplement and lifestyle program that is designed based on the results of an individual’s macro and micro mineral levels as seen on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

As a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner, I practice under Dr. Lawrence Wilson who has carried on the work of his mentor Dr. Paul Eck who was the founder of Nutritional Balancing and Analytical Research Laboratories that does the hair testing.

A more detailed description of Nutritional Balancing from Dr. Wilson taken from his website (www.drlwilson.com):

“Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep level. It is about 45 years old, and it uses principles from both ancient and modern healing arts to drastically increase the vitality level of the body.


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