Sauna is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

Sauna is finally recognized as an effective powerful tool that is the are key ingredients needed to improve sleep, overcome stress, depression, anxiety, concurring addictions, and strengthening neuroplasticity (making what you’ve learned reflexive, so it becomes automatic). Dopamine production gives you the sense of belonging, enhances creativity, mental clarity, drive, communication, focus, and promotes deeper and longer sleep. Sauna raises the roof on stress, allowing the body and mind to cope better under everyday stress encounters.

Sauna also activates heat shock proteins that naturally reduces physical stress, greatly improves sleep (coronasomnia), boost the immune system, reduces physical pain, reorganizes ill formed cells fighting cancers, reduction in the risk of vascular diseases, cardiovascular disease, and neurocognitive diseases, as well as fighting arthritis, headaches, flu, and all cause mortality, and gets that work from home lardass moving. Sauna helps protect us from developing such conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s

Uforia Mobile Sauna Rentals, serving the Pocono Mountains, Lehigh Valley, Jersey Shore, and beyond.

Sauna is a proven natural form of detoxification, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, strengthening the immune system. Sauna improves cardiovascular health and reduces all mortality.

It has been well established that significant channels exist between strong social and familial relationships and happiness, that being said there’s no better time than now for Sauna to be introduced in a mobile fashion to be made readily available, and to help strengthen our line of defense against illness and isolation.

Whitehall Mobil sauna helps with depression and heart disease

This is Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, in this video speaks on the prevention of many forms of disease, including heart disease and depression with the use of sauna. Twenty minutes a day, two to three times a week will reduce your likelihood of developing heart disease, age related diseases (Alzheimer’s and dementia), and all cause mortality by around 40%-50%.

Listen to her here.

Stimulating dopamine production is the key to rising above the chaos.

This is Dr. Andrew Hurberman, he’s a Neuroscientist, at Stanford University, and he studies how the brain functions. In this video Andrew explains how dopamine production plays a huge role on how we perceive the world around us, the reward systems, and how to hack production of neurotransmitters and neuomodulators, Sauna being one of the tools, for boosting creativity and memory, and achieving optimal performance, and to becoming the best version of ourselves. Sauna has been proven to flood our system long-term with Nuerotransmitters!

Uforia sauna for dopamine production
Sauna in Whitehall for mental health

Mental health & Socialization

A problem that negatively impacts the lives of millions of people around the world; mental health issues are another key reason many people choose to sauna.

Traditional Heat Therapies aid Veterans with PTSD and addictions.

The U.S. Veterans Administration has recognized the value of sweats to Native service members, and since the 1990s, has allowed them to conduct sweats at several VA medical centers across the country. It was only a matter of time before non-Native veterans began to take notice.

Veterans With PTSD Find Relief in Native American Rituals -

How sweat lodge ceremonies heals war’s wounds -

Drug Detox and Saunas: Can You Sweat Out Drug Toxins?

Sauna in Emmaus for treating ptsd

Benefits of Sauna and cold exposure are both physical and psychological, and immediately noticeable:

· Overcoming social isolation

· Boosts the immune system

· Powerful detox

· Soreness and injury recovery

· Improves blood flow

· Reduces inflammation

· Enhances sleep 

· Overcome addictions

· Improves heart health

· Improves longevity

· Athletic endurance

· Fights Dementia and Alzheimer’s

· Enhancing happiness

· Helps those with Lyme

· Overcome trauma

· Fight disease

· Rejuvenates skin

· Antidepressant

· Fights infections

· Fights diabetes

· Detoxifying power 

· Promotes Cell regeneration

· Fights certain cancers

· Reduces all mortality

Sauna for the war against viruses

“There is  evidence that sauna exposure could boost the immune system, which may partly explain why sauna baths reduce susceptibility to common colds and prevent infections in healthy individuals.”


“This trial was to test the hypothesis that sauna bathing can reduce the incidence of common colds. Twenty-five volunteers were submitted to sauna bathing, with 25 controls abstaining from this or comparable procedures. In both groups the frequency, duration and severity of common colds were recorded for six months. There were significantly fewer episodes of common cold in the sauna group.”


Respiratory Disease, Dementia & Alzheimers

It was found that sauna bathing was indeed related to a significantly decreased risk of developing various respiratory diseases, as well as being able to relieve the symptoms of many existing conditions. Most notably, sauna reduced individuals risk of developing common colds by over 50%, and also considerably reduced respiratory effort in both asthmatics and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Sauna for dementia and stress reduction

Please consult your doctor before using the sauna and/or ice baths—especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and require waiver sign-off from their parent/guardian before using the sauna. Infants and toddlers should not use the sauna, even with parental supervision. Women who are pregnant or on their moon should not use the sauna or ice baths.

Uforia sauna for stress

Relaxation, Stress Reduction & Sleep

Firstly, there are the immediate effects; the overwhelming feeling of calmness and mindfulness for the bather, as well as improved sleep and cognitive performance.

We established an education first approach, and why we have committed to only stating facts we know to be true, based on our own experiences, our customer, and backed-up with evidence gathered from peer-reviewed and credible scientific publications.


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