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Carol Jenkin, has been a practicing Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner for nearly 20 years. She’s the owner of Alternative Healing Solutions and Uforia Saunas and Cold Plunge.

It was during her own mental and physical health struggles that she intuitively was guided to deeply dive into holistic health and wellness practices. Along her journey she discovered that treating just the symptoms the body was presenting, would not and could not bring ultimate health and balance. She realized that balance has many components, which in medical practices are usually overlooked, and that improving ones health doesn’t have to be as complicated as they are made out to be. . She discovered through meditation that the mind is separate from the body, and that we have a strong energetic component to us that can easily be recalibrated with simple hands on or hands off treatments like Reiki and Bioenergy therapy and Biofield tuning.

Carol had created a wellness center that gain a reputation of offering services that catered to those with chronic conditions. Here she offered simple yet powerful services that in most cases were life changing after only one session. These services were structural energetic therapy (applied medical massage techniques), cranial therapy, pure Bioenergy therapy (energy medicine), hair mineral analysis for nutritional balancing, infrared therapy, halo salt therapy, yoga and meditation, guidance on plant based medicines - the benefits of cannabis as alternative medicine, essential oils, CBD, and dietary adjustments, as well as mindset therapy and emotional support.

Carol’s practice drew in many people who struggled with PTSD, post concussion syndrome, physical collapses (also known as getting old pains and disjunctions), children with special needs, semipro and pro athletes with joint mobility issues.

Unfortunately during Covid Carol was forced to close her brick and mortar. It was during the lockdown that she had decided to take the one service that had the greatest track record on the road, the SAUNA! The sauna had the ability to transform everything at once the mind, body, and the soul. To watch transformation happen at an unprecedented level time and time again, especially those struggling with mental health conditions. She knew she had to share this with the world, and taking it on the road made the most sense.

Carol is excited to share her knowledge and expertise on contrast therapy (heat and cold) and more, while showing you, your guest, and your employees a safe, fun, healing experience.

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